More greenwashing than green

On 7 February, bosses at the Drax power plant, near Selby in North Yorkshire, announced they had started using “carbon capture and storage” (CCS) to remove carbon dioxide from the plant’s emissions.

civil war

The historians and the Bolsheviks

We should analyse the Bolsheviks’ deeds and misdeeds in 1921, even if anti-Bolsheviks often do that with immense sneering at the Bolsheviks’ supposed incomprehension of the democratic principle that the critics can champion so well from their armchairs. We should also bear in mind that theirs was a government not only beset by economic collapse, famine, and mass peasant rebellion, but also run by people exhausted and with their nerves mangled by three years of strain such as we cannot imagine.

Brexit means Brexit

For Labour! Against Brexit!

No one much likes Theresa May’s Brexit deal. There is no prospect of it being changed substantially over the next few weeks. The best the government seems to hope for is that at the last minute the threat of a crash-out “no-deal” Brexit will swing enough MPs to vote, reluctantly, for a cosmetically-modified version of the 29 January formula.

Northern guards on a picket line

Northern workers win!

After nearly 50 days of strikes, Northern guards have forced their employer, Arriva Rail North (ARN), to scrap a plan to impose "Driver Only Operation".

No blindfold Brexit

Brexit's never-ending nonsense

"Face up to the reality that we need at least a year in which to give the public the final say on which option Britain wants to go for", says Alan Simpson

deliveroo couriers

Deliveroo: next strikes 14 February?

Strike action by Deliveroo couriers has spread across the country.

aid at the border

Venezuela: barricades at the borders

Three weeks after Juan Guaidó declared himself president of Venezuela, on 23 January, neither Guaidó nor the sitting president, Nicolás Maduro, shows any sign of backing down.


Momentum, Tribune and Brexit

We need a Labour left which has internal democracy, which debates out political ideas (including Brexit), and which encourages a pluralistic and open-minded culture of reading and discussion.


Students: secret “White Paper” plots end to debate

The National Union of Students has released a “White Paper” which outlines “reforms” to destroy its democratic structures.

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