Reports and interviews from Thessaloniki and Athens, July and August 2012

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Reports and interviews from our visit to Thessaloniki and Athens, 4-9 July 2012.

Pre-revolutionary Greece in July 2012: click to download pdf

See also

Greece: the simmering revolt. Summary article in Solidarity 252

"A change in Greece will favour the fighting position of the working classes all over Europe": interview with Syriza economist John Milios

Self-organisation for workers' power? Comments and opinions from the Greek left on the possibilities for developing neighbourhood committees and assemblies.

The rise of the neo-Nazis. Comments and opinions on the rise of Golden Dawn and how to combat it.

Syriza wants to make itself a mass party - interviews and conversations with mainstream Syriza activists.

The revolutionaries in Syriza - interviews and conversations with DEA and Kokkino

"We must end this memorandum" - interviews and conversations at the Thessaloniki Trade Union Centre.

"Building the self-organisation of the movement" - interviews and conversations with OKDE activists in Thessaloniki and Athens

"To build a revolutionary Marxist current in a united workers' movement" - interview with Sofia from OKDE in Athens

Quit the EU? Diversion, or necessary step? - conversation with a comrade from OKDE

"We should start a socialist programme" - conversation with a comrade from Xekinima

"Antarsya proposes an anti-capitalist programme" - interview with activists of the New Left Current, the biggest component of the Antarsya coalition, in Thessaloniki

"A revolution is very imminent" - interview with an activist from EEK

"Stop dreaming about elections, move to the streets!" - interviews with Mihalis Skourtis and Andreas Kloke of OKDE-Spartakos in Athens

The Greek Trotskyists: a sketch outline - a brief tour of the history and current differentiations of Greek Trotskyism

Appendix: A left government in Greece? Lessons from Trotsky.

See also Who are the Greek left?: a quick guide to the different groups

Greece 2009-12: timeline

Introduction to a discussion meeting in Brisbane, 11 August 2012, on "Pre-revolutionary Greece in July 2012"

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