Gramsci in Context


Essays and Interviews

Book Cover "Gramsci In Context: Essays and Interviews" overlaid on a black and white photo of Antonio Gramsci on a red background.
Martin Thomas (Ed.) and Peter Thomas
Second (expanded) Edition
Short book
140 pages

Gramsci’s ideas, name, and terminology are widely misused. This book presents and engages with debates around Gramsci’s major ideas; disputes the “post-Marxist” readings of Gramsci; discusses the relation between Gramsci’s ideas and Trotsky’s; and more.


Antonio Gramsci, leader of the Communist Party in its revolutionary days, spent almost all of his final years in Mussolini's fascist jails. There, he wrote his most powerful contribution to revolutionary thought, his "Prison Notebooks".

This book seeks to summarise Gramsci's life and thought, challenging readings of his work used to justify reformist or liberal politics. It engages in discussion and debate, with Peter Thomas and his influential recent large study "The Gramscian Moment"; disputes "post-Marxist" readings of Gramscian thought; discusses the ideas of Gramsci and their relation to those of Trotsky; and includes a glossary, critically reviewing concepts and terms from Gramsci now widely used in political discourse.

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