Bollocks to Brexit stickers

With the Tories in trouble — even more trouble after Donald Trump told them that their Brexit plan would block a trade deal with the USA — an active Left Against Brexit campaign has a real chance of shifting the axis of debate.

young demonstrators

As the run-up to Labour Party conference and the big votes in Parliament approaches, Join us on Friday 20 July for a debate about how the left should respond on the top issue in the news.

Virginia teachers on strike

Lois Weiner, a socialist and teacher trade unionist who is a member of the New Politics editorial board, spoke to Workers' Liberty about recent teacher walkouts in the USA.

 We'll be camping in the hills above Todmorden

Members and friends of Workers' Liberty are organising a summer event near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Trump demo

Trump’s support for the anti-immigrant racism of the European populist right was on full display as he touched down in the UK. He re-told the standard cultural racist narrative to the Sun, saying that immigration had “changed the fabric” of the continent “I think you are losing your culture.”

Vote YES in the PCS pay ballot!

PCS, the largest civil service union is in the middle of an industrial ballot on pay. which is running from June 18 to July 23.

Chavez and Bolivar

So powerful are the connotations of liberation, pan-Americanism, and anti-colonial struggle around Bolivar's name that the late Hugo Chávez readily described his own political movement as Bolivarianism and even changed his country’s official name to the ‘Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’

Mutanabbi Street

Nadia Mahmood of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq spoke to Solidarity

UCU strike

On 29 June, UCU confirmed that, between August and October this year, it will ballot HE members for industrial action over pay.

This follows a consultative members’ ballot on whether to accept the 2% pay rise offered by the Universities and Colleges’ Employers Association (UCEA). On a 47.7% turnout, 82% of UCU members rejected the offer and 65% said they would be prepared to take industrial action.

Anti Brexit protest

In the early 1960s the anti-Stalinist revolutionary left all rejected the anti-EU line which the Communist Party presented as "left wing". Most left groups succumbed to the "broad left" pressure between 1967 and 1973; some are now reviving that old line in the form of fantastical schemes about "left exit".

Robert Fine at Lewisham 1977

The socialist writer and activist Robert Fine died on 9 June 2018, at the age of 72. We publish tributes from Workers' Liberty people and from others who knew and worked with him. Photo: Robert and Jean Lane (in the middle of the photo, slightly right of centre) at the anti-fascist march in Lewisham, 13 August 1977.

Junior Doctors strike

As the 70th birthday of the NHS approaches the government has tried to distract from its Brexit woes by hijacking the Leave campaign′s transparently fake ″£350 million a week for the NHS after Brexit″ claim.



WP and ISL

Battle of Ideas

Macron supporting France in the World Cup

Knowing all the words to an aria by Puccini or being obsessed with the poems of Chaucer are much less likely to invite political analysis onto its possible progressive or reactionary implications than supporting a football team in the World Cup does...

morning star

An open letter criticising the Morning Star's transphobia fails to get to grips with the problem

A Labour Party leaflet in the shape of police helmets calling for more police officers

Is Labour right to demand more police on the streets? If not what are the answers to violent crime and what is the role of the police?

Rosling's four levels

Chris Reynolds reviews Hans Rosling's Factfulness

Labour students demonstrate

On Tuesday 19 June Sheffield City Council Licencing committee held a public meeting to discuss the continuation of the Sexual Entertainment Venue (SEV) licence, which allows the adult entertainment venue Spearmint Rhino to operate in the city.

Ideas for Freedom

We are the socialist, class-struggle, consistently-democratic, internationalist strand in the left. That is why we meet such hostility from the NGO-politics, Stalinistic or semi-Stalinist, bureaucratic, nationalistic, and "kitsch anti-imperialist" bloc



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Upcoming Events

The Fate of the Russian Revolution

A series of incidents in the Labour Party and in the student left over the last few months have highlighted the issue of “left-wing" anti-semitism.

David Finkel, of the US socialist magazine Against The Current, reviews The Two Trotskyisms Confront Stalinism.

Tom O’Lincoln, a longstanding activist in the Australian socialist movement, and before that a member of the Independent Socialist Clubs in the USA, reflects on his evolution as a Trotskyist, in hi


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