When the facts came out

Submitted by martin on 22 June, 2018 - 10:41

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After the WRP expelled Gerry Healy and blew apart in 1985, an inquiry set up by the remnant organisation and its international co-thinkers reported on the Healy WRP’s relations with Libya and other dictatorships.

The inquiry had found “files in G Healy’s former office”, although from “internal evidence” it concluded that “much more material must exist” and “the actual amount of money received from these relations and the extent of these relations must be considerably bigger”.

However, what the inquiry had found “clearly prove[d] that Healy established a mercenary relationship between the WRP and the Arab colonial bourgeoisie”. “A secret agreement with the Libyan government” included “providing of intelligence information on the ‘activities, names and positions held in finance, politics, business, the communications media and elsewhere’ by ‘Zionists’. It has strongly antisemitic undertones, as no distinction is made between Jews and Zionists and the term Zionist could actually include every Jew in a leading position”.

The inquiry tracked down the following payments: 1977 £46,208; 1978 £47,784; 1979 £347,755; 1980 £173,671; 1981 £185,128; 1982 £271,217; 1983 £3,400; 1984 nil; 1985 nil. Total £1,075,163.

Analysed by country, where it is possible to distinguish, the amounts are; Libya £542,267; Kuwait £156,500; Qatar £50,000; Abu Dhabi £25,000; PLO £19,997; Iraq £19,697; unidentified or other sources £261,702. Total £1,075,163.

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