For equality, against bigotry

Equal rights for migrants!

Submitted by SJW on 25 April, 2018 - 12:03 Author: Editorial
docs not cops

The unfolding scandal of the denial of health and social care to the now-aged children of the Windrush is a warning sign.
It shows the sharp end of government racism, and the immense store of racist malice that the British ruling class is capable of unleashing on any group of foreign-born people it chooses. It is the fruit of years of right wing demagogy, in the press and in government, against migrants.

However, it is only the tip of the iceberg — and unless the left and the labour movement rally to defeat the Tory government and Brexit, more is to come.

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Protest Trump on 14 July

Submitted by SJW on 25 April, 2018 - 11:15 Author: Michael Elms

In January 2018, US President Donald Trump cancelled a planned trip to the UK.

His stated reason was that the famously unsuccessful realtor didn’t fancy the “off-location” US Embassy. But the real reason was almost certainly that Trump wanted to duck the huge wave of protest that anyone could see would meet any visit. The racist, authoritarian and climate-change-denying policies of the Trump administration stoked a storm of indignation and a series of huge rallies at the very suggestion of his visit.

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How the ground was laid for Enoch Powell

Submitted by SJW on 25 April, 2018 - 11:09 Author: Matt Cooper
Dockers march for Enoch

Last week saw the fiftieth anniversary of Enoch Powell’s “River of Blood” speech”.

The contents of the speech are well known, arguing that black and Asian people were an immutable and alien pollutant in Britain and that immigration should be stopped and reversed through repatriation.

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Tensions rise amid anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka

Submitted by SJW on 28 March, 2018 - 5:46 Author: Rohan Fernando

A state of emergency declared on 6 March to try to rein in the spread of communal violence in Kandy, Sri Lanka was finally lifted on the 18 March.

The violence was sparked by the death of a Sinhalese man, allegedly after being beaten by a group of Muslim men.
Muslim-owned homes and businesses were attacked in a series of revenge attacks, with violence escalating further when two hardline Buddhist monks arrived to negotiate the release from police custody of accused rioters.

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Secularism is a women's issue: an interview with Marieme Helie-Lucas

Submitted by AWL on 4 February, 2018 - 7:00 Author: Andy Heintz

Marieme Helie Lucas is an Algerian sociologist and the founder and former International Coordinator of the “Women Living Under Muslim Laws” international solidarity organization. Helie Lucas also is the founder of “Secularism is a Women’s Issue.” Helie Lucas has long been a critic of Western human rights organizations’ sole focus on the crimes of the state as opposed to the crimes of non-state actors. She is a fierce champion of secularism in governance and a harsh critic of all forms of religious fundamentalism.

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2018 day schools: Marxism, national questions, and nationalisms

Submitted by martin on 25 December, 2017 - 8:18
Lenin on the national question

Marxism, national questions, and nationalisms

Selected reading (fuller list below):


1. Basics from our tradition: the Marxist debates on the national question before 1914

2. How Orthodox Trotskyism skewed the tradition

4. Ireland

5. Israel-Palestine

6. Catalonia and the "Norwegian way"



Submitted by Bruce on Thu, 15/02/2018 - 19:59



1. Marxists are internationalists and opposed to nationalism. Why should they then be concerned with the national question?

2. What does Lenin mean by the right of nations to self-determination?

3. How did the Bolsheviks define a nation?

4. In 1905, Rosa Luxemburg wrote:
“The immediate political task of the Polish proletariat in the Kingdom of Poland was to join in common struggle with the Russian proletariat to bring about the downfall of absolutism, and institute democracy into political life… the struggle for the restoration of Poland [as an independent, unified state] was hopelessly utopian in the face of the development of capitalism in Poland,”
Why did Lenin argue this position was wrong?

5. What was ‘cultural-national autonomy’ as advocated by the Austro-Marxists and the Jewish Bund? Why is it not adequate or desirable as a solution to national conflicts?

6. What does the examples given by Lenin (the secession of Norway from Sweden in 1905; the positions of polish and Russian Marxists) tell us about the positions to be taken by socialists in oppressed and oppressor nations? Why is this distinction important?

7. In what situations are socialists opposed to nations exercising their right to self- determination and why?

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The 13 November attacks in Paris: the terror of the Islamic State, the state of emergency in France, our responsibilities

Submitted by AWL on 29 November, 2015 - 2:34 Author: Pierre Rousset and François Sabado (Nouvel Parti Anticapitaliste)

Pierre Rousset and François Sabado are prominent members of the Nouvel Parti Anticapitaliste (New Anticapitalist Party, NPA), France's largest far-left party. They are both veterans of the Ligue Communiste Revolutionnaire (Revolutionary Communist League, LCR), the Trotskyist group which founded the NPA and then dissolved into it. This article was originally written for the Spanish-language site Viento Sur, and is online here.

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Challenging fundamentalism: Workers' Liberty in further conversation with Marieme Helie-Lucas

Submitted by AWL on 25 April, 2015 - 9:48 Author: Marieme Helie-Lucas

In March 2015, Algerian sociologist and revolutionary socialist-feminist Marieme Helie Lucas spoke to Solidarity, the newspaper of Workers' Liberty, about the Muslim far-right, and the struggle for secularism, women's rights, and socialism (click here). Here, we continue the conversation.


Submitted by John D on Sun, 26/04/2015 - 17:11

At last, an interview with a clear-minded thinker who looks at reality as it is. Such a refreshing change from re-prints of analysis from the past. I learned from this interviewee, and deeply appreciate that it is AWL that found Marieme Helie-Lucas and (to use an ugly unaesthetic phrase that ought to be thrown in the rubbish bin of history) provided "a platform"!
This interview immediately brought to mind a comment by Orwell in his review of Koestler's work:
"The grown-upness, the lack of surprise or denunciation, the pity and irony with which the story is told, show the advantage, when one is handling a theme of this kind, of being a European."

I learn - there IS someone to talk to.

Thank you, AWL


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