Ballot Imminent on Fleet: Strike Against Job Cuts!

RMT has declared a new dispute on fleet, as management tries to pull a fast one with job cuts and breaching agreements.

A union statement cites "ongoing attacks at various levels", such as:

  • Not consulting or negotiating with this Union about reducing staff numbers within Fleet
  • Breaching our...
  • Central Line drivers to strike against displacements

    After a resounding vote in favour of action, RMT drivers at Hainault, Leytonstone, and Loughton Traincrew Depots will strike from 21:00 on Wednesday 25 January to 20:59 on Thursday 26.

    They're striking against displacements; Tubeworker previously covered the dispute here (if you're reading this...

    After historic strike, let's maintain momentum!

    Yesterday's strike of station and revenue staff was historic. We showed that we have immense power when we stand together. Our strike shut down central London, putting immense pressure on the employer and exposing the depths of their staffing crisis.

    Lively pickets were mounted at stations across...


    Pickets are in confident mood this morning, as the most effective station staff strike in memory cranks up the pressure on management.

    With hardly any trains running and few Section 12 stations open, management can not remain in denial about how strongly staff of all grades feel about the stripping...

    "New offer"? Hardly. Support the strikes!

    Hastily-convened 11th-hour talks between LU and the unions in the station staffing dispute produced an interesting development today.

    Under the leadership of their General Secretary Manuel Cortes, TSSA suddenly sought private talks with the company, fracturing the unity that had existed thus far.


    When is "500" not "500"? When it's 150.

    LU's bulletin issued following the conclusion of Acas talks (see below) is completely misleading. Their headline figure is that they "will recruit 500 new staff into stations this year", but as they admit immediately afterwards, only 150 of these will be additional. 350 of the jobs will be the...

    Stations, revenue, Central Line west end drivers: see you on the picket lines!

    With Acas talks in the station staffing dispute ending without any new offer from the company, the joint RMT/TSSA strike on stations is on for 8-9 January.

    Striking alongside station and revenue staff will be Central Line drivers at White City and West Ruislip depots, who are taking action aimed at...

    Hell No, We Won't Go

    This week, twelve drivers at Leytonstone and Hainault have received letters displacing them from their depots from January, eight of them to Earls Court. Imagine being at one of these depots, thinking it was your permanent location, then finding that you were expected to travel an extra two hours a...

    Passenger Information - it's in your interest to support the fightback!

    As London Underground's short-staffing is exposed dramatically by our overtime ban, stations are closing left, right and centre. We can strengthen our fightback by ensuring that passengers and Londoners know exactly why this is happening.

    We can tell them that when TfL tweets blame 'staff absence',...

    Station and revenue staff: all out for 8-9 January! Make this the opening salvo!

    RMT and TSSA have named strikes of stations and revenue members, from 18:00 on 8 January to 17:59 on 9 January.

    Naming strikes now, rather than waiting to see how things played out in talks in early January, is absolutely the right thing to do. Reps and activists had been calling for strikes to be...

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