What went Wrong?

Jeremy Corbyn, facing away from the camera slighty, white text overlaid says "Corbynism: What went wrong? by Martin Thomas"
Martin Thomas
Short book
60 pages

In summer 2015 things suddenly “went right” for the left in an unexpected way, with Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader. By December 2019, they had evidently “gone wrong” again. That can’t be explained just by ill-will from the media and the Labour right: those were always there. This booklet offers an attempt to analyse the setbacks, learn lessons, and sketch a way to renewed efforts.

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Two books- Failures and disorientations of the contemporary British Left
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • The real lost promise
  • How Corbyn won in 2015
  • How Corbyn held on in 2015-16
  • The June 2017 general election
  • The Leader’s Office
  • The unions in the Corbyn period
  • Corbynism on the streets. Or not?
  • Labour and young people in the Corbyn period
  • The Corbyn leadership, Momentum, youth, and activism
  • Corbyn and socialism
  • “False brothers”
  • Momentum
  • The Momentum coup of January 2017
  • The pre-2015 Labour left
  • Brexit
  • Antisemitism
  • April 2016 and Ken Livingstone
  • Curbs on debate, curbs on development
  • Corbyning Alone?
  • Protesting too much?
  • Manifestos, policies, and “real change”
  • Globalisation

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