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Submitted by Jason on Wed, 29/08/2007 - 18:04

There's not a lot of point taking insults seriously even when aimed at PR (seems rather churlish but as i say what's the point of taking it seriously)

As for the line 'chickens when it comes to debates' it's just very immature.

I'll just make a very quick short point- politeness in debates does no harm at all. It may be there's no point debating with the AWL whatsoever but I happen to think that just occasionally it's worth the effort. But if anyolne starts getting insulting just ignore it.

Ther's far too much to do in the working class and far more serious debates to be had. I for one haven't given up though on some mebers of the AWL who seem to be thoughtful at least in their tone as opposed to the ones who just scream or whatever 'socialism of fools' or some other insult.

As for deleting Arthur's posts that seems ridiculous as well- just ignore them if you don't want to engage. Only offensively insulting (e.g. homophobic, racist or such like) or completely trolling posts should be deleted imo.

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