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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 09/02/2006 - 16:41

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I don't know the specific situation in the UK as I do not live there, and can only use various media to have an indication of life in the UK. Racism against African Americans in the US is quite obviously different fom racism in other parts of the world due to the very unique situation here - mainly to commodification of people arising from the slave trade. In that sense, you are correct that it is very difficult to compare anything in the world to the situation of racism in the US. Having said that though, I was not talking about the reality of Muslims in the UK, I was talking about US and European imperialism of primarily Muslim countries - in this case, most specifically of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are specifically targeting these countries, and the US has instituted this global War on Terror which is most specifically focusing on Arab and Muslim countries (and Arab and Muslim communities in the US). (Granted, this will soon expand much more overtly towards South America [it has covertly already - covertly in the sense that as it already happens, few in the US recongnize it]).

Because there is a tremendous power dynamic between the US and Iraq and Afghanistan, I make the comparison that I did. Satirizing the very people that we kill and maim on a daily basis, those over whom we exert a tremendous amount of power - that was my comparison.


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