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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 01/02/2006 - 13:05

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Love of money is "the root of all evil" (St Paul).

Richard Dawkins said a great deal that many Christians would applaud - straw targets, as one writer says. How many Christians in UK think it is OK to kill someone for supposedly breaking a Bible rule? None, I hope: that is totally opposite to everything Jesus stands for.

However, one of Richard's repeated themes was simply wrong: Christianity is not "blind faith"; it is no more blind than his insistence that evolution is "fact". Yes, microevolution is fact, easily seen and repeatable, but surely no scientist believes that macroevolution is fact: it cannot be replicated, so it is a hypothesis. It is scientists' interpretation of data; perhaps one day RD will be faced with a professor who turns his theory upside down: I hope he will go and shake his hand and congratulate him.

Christianity is rational and is based on historical evidence backed up by archaeological findings. Many people have set out to prove Christianity to be untrue and have not only failed but they have been totally convinced of its truth: some have written books about it. It would be interesting to know if anybody who set out on that mission did succeed. It shouldn't be that difficult: all you have to prove is that Jesus was not crucified OR that he did not die on the cross OR that he was not buried OR that he did not rise again in the body. In fact, the evidence in favour of the truth of those events is overwhelming, but it is "historical" evidence, which Dawkins, a scientist, may not understand or appreciate, even though we accept without question many historical events with less evidence for them than exists for Jesus's death and resurrection.

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