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Submitted by Janine on Thu, 12/01/2006 - 11:51

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This site has changed has changed since I first linked to it. It now includes the assertion that George's constituency is "going down the pan since Oona [King, former Labour MP] left".

Could I assure readers that I don't endorse that comment. Firstly, it riles me the way that working-class areas are frequently described as "going down the pan" or some kind of urban hell or something. As a resident of Hackney, I usually feel quite defensive about such things. Our communities are neglected and abused by the ruling class and their political servants - the communities themselves usually do their level best not to let this neglect and abuse ruin them.

But secondly, if Bethnal Green and Bow is going down the pan, then it started well before Oona left. From the cuts in Lone Parent Benefit to the war, to housing privatisation, she cravenly supported the Blair government's attacks on her constituents. It's not really a surprise that they voted her out.

SWP/Respect members reply to criticisms about GG absenting himself from duty by pointing to the hypocrisy of their New Labour accusers. That would be a good point, except that:

  • (a) It is not just New Labour doing the accusing;
  • (b) 'Hypocrisy' suggests - in this case, rightly - that the accusation itself is correct, just that the people levelling at it have got a cheek.

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