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Submitted by Janine on Wed, 11/01/2006 - 20:02

This morning, I began to feel quite sorry for SWP members. Despite my major political disagreements with them, I still believe that people join the SWP for good reasons, because they genuinely want to fight for socialism. I also find a fair few of them to be pleasant human beings.

But they are increasingly being put in a position of having to defend or apologise for the actions of their big cheeses. One example: George Galloway; another: their members on trade union executives who have voted for sell-outs.

Anyway, I posted a comment on an SWP member's website to this effect, and was met with a hysterical response, full of the usual lying shit about the AWL being pro-occupation, pro-Zionist, might as well be Blairites, blah blah blah.

Talk about touchy. Reckon I've hit a nerve? Read the exchange here (scroll down, click on 'comments' and scroll down a fair way again).

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