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Submitted by Mike Picken (not verified) on Thu, 17/12/2020 - 15:03

It's a lie to say that I "declared a walkout" after proposing the defeated motion on campaigning in support for the STUC position of support for a second referendum in Scotland, if a majority of the Scottish parliament elected in May 2021 called for it. 

In fact I stayed to listen to the debate until after the disputed AWL amendment on NATO was referred and participated in that vote.  I then went to another meeting, that I had pre-warned the chair I would have to leave for.

What I did say in withdrawing the other amendments on the issue of Scotland, and this was repeated by a second speaker who had been a trade union delegate at the STUC, was that any campaign that didn't start from the standpoint of support for the STUC and Unison Scotland position on a second indyref would have zero credibility in Scotland. 

In standing against the democratically agreed position of the Scottish trade union movement including the overwhelmingly supported position in my own union, Unison Scotland, and siding instead with the Starmer leadership of the Labour Party, the AWL have put themselves on the wrong side of this issue.  It is also unfortunate that they have dragged an attempt to build a united front behind their own sectarian shiboleths on national issues.  Hopefully others will have learned about the dangers of sectarian isolation in the labour movement  from this daliance with the AWL.

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