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Submitted by cathy n on Thu, 05/12/2019 - 19:31

Hi Allan.
Graham was a principled revolutionary? Yes, he was a revolutionary. And yes he backed the oppressed. But it is possible to “back the oppressed” in lots of different ways, some of which are opposed, contradictory, maybe even harmful.

And his ideas changed a lot, from the Militant and then in and out of several other groups. Groups that differed from the Militant, and each other, considerably.

Not the mark of someone who was particularly stable, politically. I think the Militant’s framework gave him a certain stability, for a while, and when he broke with them that coherence was never replaced with another, fully-rounded set of ideas (right or wrong). He knew he was generically “on the left”.

Hi Sean. Yes, I knew Graham, for a while, exactly as I wrote in the obituary. For what it is worth, I had a lot of time for him. And I know that his role in setting up the CfE was useful and even important. Which isn’t to say I always thought he was consistent or even, sometimes, coherent. And what I wrote I also said to him directly, and discussed with him face-to-face.

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