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Submitted by John D on Tue, 11/10/2016 - 20:58

I've commented before on the common experience of left-wing "debates" on Palestine/Israel/Zionism/Anti-Semitism being scheduled for Friday evenings, Passover evening, and such. Bit of a waste of time. A lost cause.

What a surprise! (not). Not really worthy of analysis. Honest. Really. We get it.

The latest SWP fun-for-all was scheduled for tonight, Tuesday evening.
All welcome! Free speech on the left! Come and have your say!

A debate entitled ‘How Can Palestine be Free?’ was due to be hosted at Manchester University Students Union, before the institution delayed it, citing concerns over a lack of balance in the debate.

"Due to be hosted by the Socialist Worker Student Society within the union building, the event was scheduled to begin at 5.30pm; half-an-hour before Yom Kippur begins."

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