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Submitted by ann field on Mon, 06/10/2014 - 09:40

Latest words of wisdom from Vasily Koltashov (Deputy Director of Kagarlitsky’s Institute for Global Research and Social Movements) to appear on Anpilogov’s “Novaya Rus’” website, posted on 2nd October:

The conflict in Ukraine is neither “a war of Kiev against Novorossiya” nor “a war of Russians against Ukrainians”. It is a war between supporters of the current political and social-economic system in Ukraine (which is more and more collapsing into “total feudalism”) and their “irreconcilable opponents”.

The current armistice cannot provide a basis for ending the conflict. On the contrary, “the dictatorial, terrorist regime of the junta” has shut down all openings for open and legal forms of opposition and has effectively driven its opponents underground.

There is therefore “nothing surprising in the fact that protests will end up as guerilla warfare [“partisan war”] throughout Ukraine, including Kiev.”

This war was will include “targeted attacks on individual representatives of the regime.” Koltashov writes that he "consciously” does not call these attacks “terrorist attacks” because they will be “a just verdict carried out against the Nazi executioners of the people of Ukraine.”

The “junta” fears such developments and will therefore again attempt to destroy Novorossiya by military means, in order to prevent the Donbas militia uniting with uprisings in other parts of Ukraine.

The strategy of Novorossiya is to wait for such uprisings against the “neo-Nazi regime” in Kiev, so that it can come to their assistance.

The headline above the article reads: “Ukraine on the Verge of a New Stage of the Anti-Fascist Revolution”.

Fittingly, Koltashov’s article currently appears on Anpilogov’s website sandwiched between:

- A new article by Finnish friend of fascists Johan Backman (see main article above), in which the latter claims that anyone in Finland who supports Russia will lose their job.

- An article claiming that Ukraine is building “concentration camps”, possibly financed by Angela Merkel. Has Merkel perhaps decided to repeat what Hitler did, asks the author rhetorically. And who is the author? None other than Galina Zaporozhtseva.…

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