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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 13/09/2004 - 14:59

I Worked at the levis store in question as a student. Now looking back I realise the evil that capitalism has the capabilities of breading. All the employees were told to stick to sales targets, and exploit every aspect of the customers vulnerability to sell more items. The multi million advertising campagns, the brain washing propoganda of commercialism which have propelled, image and vanity, "being cool" by wearing the lables you are told to wear, listening to what you are told to listern to, reading what they tell you are suppost to. This is "popular media", human suffering and justice has become acceptable, it has become a need, we are hooked, we are animals of our environment, and it is the nature of our species to do so . This is realism this is human nature, we are have a full stomatch and a full plate yet we are still hungry until we die.

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