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Submitted by Janine on Wed, 26/01/2005 - 12:31

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I didn't know Respect had a policy on speed cameras.

Personally, though I'm opposed to the idea that fining people is the way to make them behave better, I'm definitely in favour of measures to stop drivers speeding, and therefore to stop so many pedestrians and other road users being killed.

But hey - there might be boy-racer votes to gain by denouncing speed cameras, so why not?!

And that's the problem. Respect is an opportunist lash-up - not a "socialist party", Parliamentary or otherwise. It explicitly refuses to call itself socialist.

One letter in an acronym does not count, when - to give but a couple of examples - Respect's top-of-the-list candidate in the Yorkshire Euro-elections (Anas Altikriti) and their candidate in the Leicester by-election (Yvonne Ridley) are self-confessed non-socialists, and even where Respect does stand a candidate who is supposedly a socialist (Lindsey German for London Mayor), any reference to socialism - or to the working class - is absent from her manifesto.

This is the sort of unprincipled crap that puts people off politics - and it is particularly sickening to see the Socialist Alliance about to be killed off to support this anti-socialist venture.

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