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Submitted by ann field on Wed, 03/09/2014 - 22:39

A lengthy, detailed and very supportive eye-witness report of last weekend’s conference has been written and published by Darya Mitina at:

It opens as follows:

“So, on 29th/30th August in Yalta the second stage of the conference ‘Russia, Novorossiya, Ukraine: Global Problems and Challenges’ took place, organized by the ‘Centre of Co-Ordination – Novaya Rus’’, the main Russian social structure which co-ordinates the Ukrainian resistance.

"The first stage of the conference, which was notable for adopting the ‘Yalta Manifesto’, took place a month and a half ago. The left spectrum of the resistance was invited to it. This time the plan was to invite the right-conservative segment of the resistance. But in the course of the preparations things got pretty mixed up.

"The forum brought together over 200 guests. Politicians, leaders of the resistance in the regions of former Ukraine, field commanders of the army of Novorossiya, representatives of the militia, members of the parliament of Novorossiya, intellectuals and social activists from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Great Britain, France, Serbia, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia and international journalists took part in its work.”


Both ‘stages of the conference’ were organized by Aleksei Anpilogov, who heads up ‘Novaya Rus’.

The first stage was for the ‘left spectrum of the resistance’ (e.g. Brenner and Freeman).

The second stage was for the ‘right-conservative segment of the resistance’ (e.g. BNP, Front National, Forza Nuova, Jobbik, Samooborona, etc.).

But there was a ‘mix-up’ in organizing the second stage of the conference. It is unclear whether this means that not all the organisations on the list uncovered by Shekhovtsov were invited, or whether it means that too many people (over 200) dropped in, so to speak, on the event.

But Fiore from Forza Nuova and Mateusz Piskorski from Samooborona, along with Israel Shamir, were definitely there.

Shekhovtsov is still working on trying to identify who else was there from the European fascist/far right scene:…

More pictures of the conference participants can also be seen at the bottom of the page at:

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