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Submitted by guenter on Sun, 15/04/2012 - 13:35

good to remind us on that article. its exactly to the point..........
even in germany i made the same experiences; while over here, not blacks, but turks are the dominating force among the immigrants. many of them do discriminate blacks, non-muslims and the different groups fight &discriminate each other.
i also was naive and "wandering like a left shadow from the 60ies" when i tried to preach them unity. i also had to learn, that rascism takes many forms, not only white-black; in mali, blacks have black slaves. a few years ago in southafrica, southafrican poor blacks burned alive africans from an neighborcountry- afraid to loose their jobs on them.
the issue is so complex, that the old-time antirascism of the left dont work. otherwise u´ll end up with islamists- who can be victim of rascism, but are the biggest rascists themselves, when accepting no one else than muslims. malcolm x once realised that, left his islamic group and got murdered by his "brothers". some conflicts we saw as rascist issues before, are class-issues.

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