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Submitted by John D on Mon, 18/08/2014 - 09:51

It is always saddens me when I listen to the nonesense people come out with about the origins of Zionism. They (you?) really don't get it.

The origin of it all is the recognition by a large portion of the Jewish nation in eastern Europe around the 1880's that it was all over. You convert, you join the revolution, you get up and leave, or you die. A few converted, a few more joined and made the revolution*, some died and lots and lots just shifted. And those that shifted moved mostly to the west, as far west as they could.
(* Common in-joke: What is the first task of the Revolution once power has been successfully seized? You purge the Jews of the Central Committee, then the party, then the country.)

Herzl saw that saving the people required creating a Jewish state, and that could not be done based on a tiny tiny minority of young romantic agricultural enthusiasts. Among the many options being discussed, mostly under the heading "Anywhere, anywhere we can" he saw that only by including the Eastern European Jewish nation's love, familiarty and knowledge of Zion had he a chance of creating a national movement dedicated to that option. Hence, not Argentina, but Zion. Not Germany, France, Britain and the USA, but Zion. Not Uganda, but Zion. It was a choice among options. Zionism was a plea to the nation's religious feelings.

If you truly want to attack the Zionist entity, you will have to go to it's source - the relationship between Jews and their religion, including the religion's books on which the attachment to Zion is based, it's practices, it's narrative and sense of community.

You will need to attack circumcision (as child abuse?), kosher food (via cruelty to animals), the folk festivals (Passover) and most of all, individual and community self-respect.

The big one, which the left, in collaboration with the Muslim communities, is enthusiastically targeted at - breaking the link between the Jewish Communities and the sense of Zion.

Which, of course, is what the left, among others, is doing again right now.

In Britain in just the last few weeks, look at the situations which the left has supported, encouraged and participated in, and most importantly - not opposed:

George Galloway (no Israelis in Bradford)
Attacks on ASDA and Sainsbury's in Belfast
Refusal of Israel's acts in the Edinburgh Festival
Humiliation of the Jewish Film Festival at the Tricycle Theatre
Removal of Kosher food from Sainsbury's Holborn
Union boycotting of Israel Unions
Student Unions forcing Jewish Student Societies to lower their profiles, and frequent attempts to purge them as such
Huge street demos in favour opf Gaza, with dubious posters
An unending stream of anti-Israel articles in the Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, London Review of Books, Economist, the Lancet.
Palestinian flags in Glasgow
And of course the general corruption of language (proportionate - as though it refers to relative numbers of casualties)

And there will be more.

These are not separate occurences. They are a syndrome.

Honestly, do you really think most Jews are stupid? Do you really think they can't join the dots?

Where stands AWL?

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