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Submitted by ann field on Mon, 04/08/2014 - 01:29

I’ve just been forwarded a Facebook post about this article by Gerry Downing.

It really makes for a sad read.

The article in question spends 10,000 words criticizing a conference which was permeated by the fascist politics of “Zavtra” and Prokhanov – in terms of its organizers (i.e. Anpilogov and his front organisations), its politics (i.e. the “Manifesto”), and its special guest speaker (i.e. Prokhanov himself).

What does Gerry Downing have to say about any of this?

Nothing at all!

Instead, firstly, he complains about the use of the expression “medley of predictable demands” in relation to the demands of the conference’s “Declaration”.

But it’s difficult to know what other expression to use.

The demands certainly have only a limited relevance to the reality of what’s going on in Ukraine at the moment. They make no mention, for example, of solidarity with the struggle against the fascist leaders of the Donetsk and Peoples Republics.

(Not surprising really – given that the Yalta conference was an initiative by Russian fascists to build support for their fellow Russian fascists in Ukraine.)

Then we have Gerry Downing’s inability to understand that a certain critique of banking capitalism has an anti-semitic pedigree – on the left (e.g. mid-nineteenth century French socialists) and on the right (e.g. extreme forms of Russian-nationalism throughout its history).

To denounce usury or money-lending or finance capital or capitalism as a specific Jewish activity or invention is not a confused form of socialism. It is anti-semitism.

And anti-semitism is integral to the politics of the Izborsky Club: they are fascists.

Gerry Downing performs a similar feat in relation to the translation of the article by the Russian socialist Kirill Medvedev.

Out of the total of 2,500 words in the article Gerry Downing focuses on just six of them (“Our enemy is in Moscow”).

One can only assume that Gerry Downing no longer believes that “the main enemy is at home.”


Gerry Downing claims in his Facebook post that Cathy Nugent, not me, wrote this article.

Is Gerry Downing also one of those people who thinks that Marlowe wrote Shakespeare?

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