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Submitted by ann field on Fri, 25/07/2014 - 22:59

“Richard really misses the point about the front’s demand for peace.”

The conference Declaration might say something or other about peace, but the conference’s Popular Front Manifesto is clearly in favour of (one side in) the war.

The Manifesto fails to acknowledge Ukraine’s right to exist as independent state (or, indeed, as any kind of state at all). It looks forward to “the victory of the people’s liberation revolution” and the defeat of the “liberal-fascist regime” in Kiev.

The quote from Strelkov-Girkin in the above article makes it clear that his perspective is the military conquest of Kiev. This was not a one-off by Strelkov-Girkin.

A post by Alexander Dugin (the intellectual guru of the Eurasian wing of Russian fascism) appeared yesterday on the Facebook page of the Izborsky Club (of which Dugin is also a member). The post, in which Dugin advocates a new military offensive, states:

“If the Great Novorossiya begins to emerge on the map of the south-east of the former Ukraine, the Great Offensive will turn to the final goal – the liberation of Kiev from the Nazi junta (the aim of Igor Strelkov).”

Aiming to militarily conquer Kiev is a recipe for a lot more fighting, not peace.

A couple of other points re. the conference:

Clips of the some parts of the conference have now appeared on Youtube:

It looks like not even 50 people turned up for it. And most of those who did turn up look incredibly bored by the event.

The background to various pictures of Getsko (the fourth one down is a picture of Getsko and Prokhanov, just after the picture of Getsko and Kagarlitsky) to be found at reveal that the conference was held in the Hotel Yalta.

Having had a glance at its website - - it looks quite expensive.

(Please note: since 1st June this year the hotel accepts payments only in rubles. And we all know why.)

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