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Submitted by John D on Thu, 24/07/2014 - 09:17

The almost complete closure of Ben Gurion airport be a low grade rocket that landed a few miles away raises lots of interesting points.

1) A comparison of the military triviality of Gazan rockets with Israel's military machine has now become irrelevant. It matters not a whit the casualities that did or did not result from the firing of thousands of rockets.

What matters is that just one ineffective (in explosive damage terms) small inaccurate rocket can shut down traffic to Israel's main airport.

That is a huge strategic victory for Hamas.

2) Any future Israel government policy must take this into account.

3) What goes around, comes around. Every group of militants in every country in the world will sit up and take notice. What is used against Israel will, sooner or later, come to bear on many other countries (except, I think Sri Lanka).

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