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Submitted by mazrazi on Fri, 06/09/2013 - 06:41

In reply to by AWL

Thank you comrade Sacha for posting the "Statement from Middle East and North African Socialists". In principle I have no objection to this statement. But, once again we have to highlight the central slogans in the present situation (and also mention other slogans as secondary slogans). This way of mixing and putting all demands in one basket creates confusion for the readers and does not give them a direction to act upon central issues. The reason we write statement is not only to announce our general positions, but also to direct the readers (who should be the workers of these countries), towards a direct action, and give them instrument to build a campaign practically. In my opinion, the main central issues at this moment is nothing but to" Stop military attack by USA!" and to call for the "downfall of Assad bourgeoisie state"!

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