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Submitted by mazrazi on Wed, 04/09/2013 - 06:22

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Comrade Sacha
Thank you for your two comments. I shall try to respond briefly here, and if need be we can have a more detailed discussion.

!- You say the slogan "US hands off Syria" is "a bit out of place when Russia, Iran, Hezbollah etc have far more fingers wrapped about Syria - in ".
True all those states have "far more fingers" in Syria, than USA. But the question here is not which reactionary state is closer or what state is further to Syria economically or politically. The question, now, is which force is about to launch military attack on Syria. That is obviously USA! So we have to say: "US hands of Syria"! The reason we, as Revolutionary Marxists, should call for this slogan, is the followings:
a) We do not wish the regime of Assad to be toppled by US imperialism. We wish and prepare the works and all oppressed masses in Syria to topple the Syrian capitalist state.
b) We do not believe the US imperialism wishes to bring "democracy" and prosperity to Syrian people (as it did not bring in Afghanistan, Iraq. Libya etc).
c) We do not think that US imperialism intends to get rid of bourgeois state of Assad and replace it with a bourgeois democracy. At most will do a regime change with keeping bourgeois state intact.
d) we believe the military attack will be more harmful to the oppressed masses than the Assad regime.

2- You say: the slogan "Down with the Assad regime". Isn't that the wrong way of putting it when the immediate alternative, the Islamist/Sunni sectarian militias, are equally reactionary and likely to lead to the disintegration of Syria?"
Yes! there are many reactionary forces in Syria. Some even more reactionary than Assad regime. But the question we have to ask is, who has the sate power in its hands? Assad has the state power not other reactionary forces. So our main slogan has to be directed towards Assad regime. while we can also condemn other reactionary forces. As Revolutionary Marxist, our main trust and aim always is for preparation of toppling the bourgeois state power by the self organised workers and oppressed masses (soviets). Of course this is still far fetched at the moment, in the present situation of Syria, Nevertheless, we have to give the relevant main slogans. But at the side of main slogans, of course, we can put other secondary demands (transitional demands) to start from the present level of consciousness of the oppressed masses in Syria. For example one the other slogans can be the support of oppressed masses of the neighbouring countries with Syrian oppressed masses. We can discuss other issues as well.

I welcome any other comments, observations and criticism by yourself any other comrades.

Maziar Razi

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