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Assad's regime is the main problem, but we oppose US bombing

Submitted by AWL on 31 August, 2013 - 2:26

The following resolution on Syria was passed by the AWL's National Committee on 31 August.


Assad's regime is the main problem, but we oppose the planned US bombing of Syria.

We will not mourn damage and destruction of Assad's military bases. However, informed military opinion is that there is no chance of a one-off operation, such as planned, seriously incapacitating Assad's regime; and in any case we do not want the victory of the opposition military forces, whose dominant character is reactionary and sectarian.

Rather we want and work to support the emergence of a Third Camp of democratic and working-class forces between Assad and the main opposition militias. In the meantime, even a rotten peace deal (which socialists could not support) would be better than outright victory for either force.

US air strikes are more likely than not to speed up the disintegration of the country and worsen even further the chances for peace and democracy in Syria.

This is not fundamentally a case like Libya (2011) or Kosova (1999), where we want one side to win, that side is about to be crushed in a humanitarian disaster and foreign intervention seems like the only realistic possibility of this being stopped.

We will attend so-called "anti-war" protests of the Stop the War type to publicise our arguments, argue and talk to people, but not promote these protests, which apologise for the Assad regime and its foreign backers.

The biggest problem in Syria is Assad's policy, not US intervention. We demand Iranian and Hezbollah forces get out of Syria, and condemn Russia's arming of the regime.

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