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Submitted by AWL on Thu, 18/07/2013 - 18:38

Hi comrade,

It's great that you oppose Arab conquest of Israel, unlike some on the far left, and want to support and engage with Israeli workers.

Of course we're in favour of both Palestinian and Israeli workers overthrowing their ruling classes and establishing workers' rule, and of course when that happens it would be logical that they would link up their governments, creating or at least moving towards a united historic Palestine (though it would probably also be part of a broader federation of the region).

But the point is that we need to get there. And at the moment the national conflict acts as a major barrier to Jewish-Arab workers' unity in basic class struggle, let alone socialist struggle.

Isn't this kind of problem why socialists, while not advocating a "first democracy, then socialism" stages theory, have developed democratic demands to arm the labour movement to deal with national conflicts?

And isn't the right of the Palestinians to have a genuinely independent state of their own, alongside Israel and with the same rights as Israel, a necessary democratic demand for building a united Jewish-Arab workers' movement?

Sacha Ismail

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