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Submitted by John D on Tue, 15/03/2016 - 21:27

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I note that my posting from way back in 2012 has been reposted as a relevant contribution to the current topic.

Disclosure: I am a former secular Jewish Glaswegian, love Scotland to bits, had a wonderful youth there. (. . . and my father went winching John Maclean's daughter!). I'll be in the Highlands this time next week - just for the nostalgic joy of it. I've been an Israeli for some 35 years, served in the IDF and brought my children up to serve and to be good civil citizens. Now retired and a respecter, but not a member of AWL. A well-wisher, if you will.

I pose again my question. Why would anyone be a zionist today (2016)? Why do people want to come here, live, work and raise a family? It's not easy.
Widen the question. Leave aside for the moment discussing the furious ant-zionism of resurgent ultra-orthodox Jewry. This is not an appropriate forum. Why are most UK Jews uncomfortable with the current left? If you cannot address this question then I think you are avoiding a core issue. There is an appeal and importance, an identification that has roots deep in the psyche of "am yisrael" - the Jewish people / nation. It has been very inclusive, accepting refugees and immigrants. More than half of all Israelis - themselves, parents or grandparents) are refugee immigrants. Many of them not bringing a particularly positive contribution to the welfare of the country (underexageration for the sake of political correctness). Left-wing analysis of this aspect is sadly trivial and sloganized.

Schoolboy polemics.

My children and younger relatives in the UK (several at universities and just getting on with life) have a clear answer to my questions. They tell me to listen to the left, the Greens, the SNP, Stop the War, Gilad Atzmon and the CPGB-Marxist Leninist, CND, Oxfam, SWP, Save the Children, Amnesty, the UN Human Rights operation, the Labour Party, LSE and SOAS, Essex University, the NUS, many unions and Swansea Council et al.

Feel the atmosphere. The "zeitgeist". The music of the times. Get the vibrations. They are most certainly coherent even if the supporting politics are not.

Even when they want to get on with other things, UK Jews sense the ground is not stable. They get it, they really do. Carrying on as though they don't is in itself quite offensive.

And . . .
BDS has now forced closure on Sodastream at Mishor Adumin. 700 Arab muslim workers have consequently lost their very nice jobs. Some 5,000 people were dependent on those jobs. BDS celebrates this. It is "the price that has to be paid". More of such to follow. Do not write answers on a postcard only. Celebrate and put the welfare of those workers and their families into the memory hole. Not workers. Not "us". Do not discuss. I wish AWL had considered this loss of jobs as at least worth a mention. It is apparently not the pain of the workers that has priority, but the victory over Israel.

Why am I a zionist? Of necessity. You (expansive hand-waving gesture) are driving it. (AWL mostly and nearly uniquely not included in this "you").
Sadly, the space for left-wing identification amongst Jews exists today primarily within a Jewish environment and that includes within Israel. It is argueable that those Jews who oppose Israel and Zionism are those ultimately in the process of leaving the Jewish people. I wish them a fond goodby and farewell and no ill-will. Just - please stop proving yourselves by so energetically kicking us in the tuches.

As for the left - it's looks like a lost cause.

John Davidson

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