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Submitted by AWL on Mon, 14/03/2016 - 20:30

Well "Jams", you can save yourself the aggravation in future by simply not reading our "reactionary" website.

If you want to have a rational debate of any kind, it might be helpful not to engage in weird pseudo-political sociological slurs ("neolithic proletariat"? I mean, top marks for style, but... what?), extravagant and patently ridiculous slanders (Benjamin Netanyahu probably has a better grasp of what left-wing policies are than "you people"), or straightforward insults ("you clowns").

Anyone interested in rationally debating Jams' contention that "the One state Solution is the only possible answer which will lead to equality between Jews and Palestinians" is welcome to peruse the abundant material on the issue on this and other sites. Alas, I fear any a rational exchange with Jams him/herself is precluded in advance.


Ira Berkovic

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