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Submitted by Jams O'Donnell on Mon, 14/03/2016 - 19:32

... "simply risible. Uri Davis promotes the one-state solution, which satisfies the national aspirations of neither people". The One state Solution is the only possible answer which will lead to equality between Jews and Palestinians.

As for "inoculat[ing] readers against the dominant, negative, nonsensical anti-Zionist politics of the left" - word's fail me. Where do you clowns think you are coming from? This web site gives new meaning the the term "lumpen proletariat" - more like "neolithic proletariat" - or perhaps utterly delusional and right-wing proletariat masquerading as progressives".

You people have as much idea of what left-wing policies are as Benjamin Netanyahu. In fact he probably has a better grasp. I am appalled by this reactionary site.

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