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Submitted by guenter on Thu, 01/03/2012 - 14:13

are stalinists able to learn?

a few decades ago, fidel castro made wild speeches against "criminal &counterrevolutionary gays", and they had been put in prisons and camps (see also the book and movie "before night falls", by reinaldo arenas).
in the ninetees, things started to change with the international famous movie "strawberry &chocolade", about the friendship of an CP-functioneer and an gay artist.
nowadays, gay life seems to be free in cuba; very recently was a government-organised(!) "week against homophobia", and gays can even marry with foreign partners; i know about a cuban who was allowed to move to germany to marry his gay partner here (but well, his partner was an activist of the german CP, and some years ago, they had a gay leader of their youth organisation, and i heard rumours, that they claim, to have changed fidel´s mind in the gay question). also che´s daughter, a physician, was very gay-supportive on her tour through germany.
well, that dont change my mind about cuba as a whole, but if stalinists had been able to learn in this quest, will they be able to learn in other quests? (perhaps, as long as it dont touch their privileges?)

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