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Submitted by losttango on Mon, 13/03/2017 - 12:33

I'm not altogether clear why we should be "very concerned" by the prospect of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon, except insofar as we are against proliferation generally. The article takes this as a given. However, unless we share the US analysis (or to be more accurate, propaganda) that Iran is run by fanatics who will press the button as soon as look at it, an Iranian bomb would seem to present far less of a threat than the existing Pakistani or Israeli bombs. Seamus Milne seems to me to be quite correct here and his point was not to minimise the repression in Iran but to point out the double standards of the West. Iran probably would like to possess a nuclear weapon, for the same reason countries such as Israel acquired one - because it sees it as a deterrent against powerful enemies which would like to attack it. Looking at the recent history of the region, it's kind of hard to fault that logic, or not to conclude that as socialists our first concern should be to try and prevent our own bourgeoisie starting any more wars there.

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