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Submitted by Matthew on Sun, 20/11/2011 - 16:10

I said that I didn't know anyone on the left who denied Tomlinson's involvement with the far right. I didn't know that the WRP had in the mid-70's but given its regime I can well accept what you say is true.

Tomlinson joined the NF in 1968 after Powell's Rivers of Blood speech when he was 28, still a relatively young man I'd say, and left in 1972 as he became more involved in trade union activity. In this 2003 interview he explains why he joined and why he left:

"I realised that by attacking immigration I was looking for a scapegoat for this country's ills. When you're at the bottom of the greasy pole, mired in shit, you're always looking for someone else to blame...I believed certain things in 1968 and I don't believe them any more. I was wrong. I was politically naive and poorly educated."

I don't "champion violence" as you say but neither do I champion "picketing" that is ineffective whether because of lack of numbers, respect for private property or not doing anything that might "put fear" into scabs.

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