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Submitted by edwardm on Sun, 17/07/2011 - 21:30

"Yosser", you sensitive soul. You have nothing to say about the substantive issue of whether or not the PCS deal was a sell-out: you just object that it was very rude that Randall should have said 'fuck' while discussing it (I bet worse words have been used by the young civil servants who are having to make do with crap contracts, thanks to the Socialist Party leadership of the PCS...but you have nothing to say about that).

What an arrogant attitude! What kind of prince do you take yourself for, that you shouldn't have to reply to someone who is a bit rude? Why didn't Matt Dobson (and I claim my five pounds) reply on the real issue in that debate, beyond mumbling that "some comrades had to take very difficult decisions and I don't know much about that deal"?

If we're so irrelevant, why do you bear such a burning grudge against us for having roasted you in a public debate three years ago? Could it be that neither Yosser nor Matt Dobson, the sainted student organiser of the Socialist Party, have ever been subjected to any kind of political scrutiny before or since, whether by socialists in the SP or not? Was Matt Dobson's grilling on PCS by fellow socialists a unique life experience?

I remember handing out a letter at a Socialist Students meeting, inviting them to play a fuller role in constructing a left bloc in the NUS, asking them why they had held aloof from Education not for Sale, and leftwing agitation within NUS more generally. The leadership were outraged! To this day, the crime of handing out an open letter to comrades in Socialist Students - and worse, the crime of publicly insinuating the Socialist Students was linked to the Socialist Party - is held up regularly as a hair-curling example of the AWL's sectarianism. What a pathetic internal culture, where leafleting a meeting of socialists on an important matter of orientation is considered a high crime!

As for the comrade from Cambridge I spoke to about the CNWP (how dare I!), he said that the CNWP couldn't take steps to starting a Socialist Alliance-style project until the Socialist Party was bigger - that the project of left unity (and the CNWP) had to be subordinated at all times (or at least, for the forseeable future) to the construction of the Socialist Party. Interesting that you remember the outrage you felt at my having raised this issue (I don't recall ranting, but maybe I did - maybe I swore too!)... but you don't recall the point I made. Matt Dobson (if that is his real name) certainly didn't answer the point at the time, instead demanding to know who the comrade was who I had spoken to. Yet again, dodging the political issue, moving on to something secondary, accusing a comrade of lying or implying the comrade in Cambridge was stupid or unreliable. Anyway, I wouldn't bother about the comrade from Cambridge. A few years ago he and a couple of other members of Socialist Students protested at the undemocratic way the group was run and suggested ways to improve its functioning. Amid a flurry of abuse from the centre, he was driven out. Not anything for you to worry about any more, comrade Yosser/Dobson. He was last seen strutting around on the fringes of the labour movement.

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