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Submitted by AWL on Sat, 02/07/2011 - 10:03

RMT executive election: Support Lewis Peacock

Socialist Party member Lewis Peacock is standing for election to the transport union RMT's national executive, the Council of Executives. Lewis has been an RMT member since joining London Underground (LU) as a train cleaner 21 years ago.

Now a signals support technician, Lewis is assistant secretary of the RMT's London Transport regional council and assistant secretary of LU engineering branch. Lewis has represented members on health and safety issues at all levels and was one of RMT's negotiators in the successful dispute over the terms of the return of Metronet members back to London Underground.

Lewis says: "We face an unprecedented attack on our jobs, pay and conditions as the government tries to make workers pay for an economic crisis brought about by bankers. I believe that with determined, united action, RMT can resist these attacks. I support Bob Crow's call for coordinated action by different unions to fight public sector cuts and I will strive to make this a reality.

"This is a time for involving all members in deciding our tactics and it is a time when the RMT executive must give leadership and explain what is necessary to win."

These are some of the many messages of support for Lewis from RMT reps: Paul Jackson, Metropolitan Line signals rep, branch secretary LU Engineering: "I'm advising members to vote for Lewis, as he is the common sense, unity candidate, with a proven track record of representing members across all grades and across all companies. He brings a health and safety, negotiating and organising expertise to this role and he is simply a winner."

Unjum Mirza, Leyton stations group: "We've got big battles ahead of us - jobs, terms and conditions and safety. Lewis isn't just a fighter, he's a winner. From the defeat of the disgraced PPP [privatisation] and the signals maintenance victory last year, Lewis has a proven track record."

Arwyn Thomas and Bob McMunn, Train operator and Trains Health and Safety rep, Morden: "We fully support Lewis, who is a proven fighter, organiser and socialist and always delivers the goods. We were very impressed by the Metronet workers' strike, one of the most successful actions by RMT on LU for years."

Joanna Prestwich and John Reid, Stations Industrial Reps, Edgware Group: "We support Lewis because he is a proven winner of disputes and an excellent organiser."

Bill O'Dowd, Trains Council spokesperson: "Leadership is vital if we are to win this dispute and protect pay, jobs, and conditions. Only Lewis Peacock can provide this. He has support from all grades and all departments. He also has a long track record of negotiating, unifying, and building for the whole of the RMT."

Jared Wood, IR Rep, Rickmansworth Stations group: "Lewis will argue for the tactics he thinks will allow RMT to win disputes. But he will always involve members in decisions and represent the entire membership."

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