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Submitted by Matthew on Wed, 15/06/2011 - 18:13

"Why on Earth is it anti-Semitic to mention this event [the murder of a priest in 1979]?" asks De Selby.

In itself it may not be but you've got to ask why a report from a delegation of Northern Irish trade unionists to Israel/Palestine in 2011 mentions it if it is not to whip up general hostilty to Israeli Jews by evoking mediaeval anti-semitic images.

"how is reporting this [allegations that the Israeli military have taken organs from dead Palestinians] anti-semitism?" asks Tom.

Again, in itself it may not be but it does seem to be intended to feed into the same mediaeval anti-semitic images. And there is also the question of exceptionalism here. If allegations of removing organs from dead Palestinians justifies denouncing the existence of Israel and calling for a boycott, why isn't the same call being made by these people for a boycott of China given the proven removal of organs that takes place in its prison system?

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