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Submitted by david kirk on Sat, 11/07/2015 - 12:55

Finally the killer of Paige Chivers has been brought to justice.
Robert Ewing groomed Paige for a long time and even rang the police claiming a underage runaway had turned up at his house. Only when the level official indifference towards vulnerable teenagers like Paige became clear did he feel safe to commit the murder.
Robert Ewing is a self described Neo Nazi active in the BNP and EDL. He took part in the EDLs demo's were they blamed Asian gangs for Paige's and Charlene Downes murder.
Hopefully justice for Charlene Downes is coming soon.
The broader issues of the attitudes of indifference and contempt from the authorities towards 'troubled' working class youth has started to be exposed due to this case as well as sex abuse cases in Rotherham, Oxford and Rochdale.…

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