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Submitted by david kirk on Sun, 20/11/2011 - 11:56

As socialists we have little confidence in the police. Time and time again we see them acting in the interests of capital and against the interests of working class people. They also have a long history of deep ingraned and often violent racism.

However we do not call for the police to be abolished as an immediate demand but instead would put them under much greater democratic control. We would also make the police focus on violent and sexual crime in a way it doesnt do now. To prevent sexual abuse the police should be working with other agenies to support, help, educate and empower the potential targets of these assaults (i.e. young people especially those in care). This means targetting the vulnerable group for support. This is what some police forces and social services have done with issues such as forced marriage and domestic violence.

This is very different from racial profiling and targetting an entire community as potential perpretrators. The evidence is that this will make it even harder for issues to be resolved.

However in this case the issue is sexual assault and just becuase some Asian men have been involved it does not mean it is an issue for the Asian community any more or less then it is a urgent issue for the whole of our society. Focus on grooming will lead to the mis-diagnosis of the seriousness and wide spread nature of the disease of abuse, the causes of that abuse and to prescibe the wrong solutions.

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