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Submitted by david kirk on Sun, 20/11/2011 - 11:31

The point is that the EDL, Griffin et al latch on to these specific cases to exploit racial tensions. Not only do they not particularly care about white on white or asian on asian sexual abuse they have a track record of accusing women of bringing rape on themselves and the vilest misogony.

The vast majority of sexual abuse in Britain is carried out by white people on white people. A lot of asian young people are also subject to sexual abuse as well.

"Grooming" is sexual abuse like the other forms of Sexual abuse. Its only acheived attention compared to the many ignored cases because its seen to be asian men abusing white young women.

To tackle sexual abuse we need to radically attack poverty and housing as well as a much better resourced social services. We also need the authorities to take these issues seriously.

We do need to attack the kind of attitude that sees any women as "easy meat". This is attitude exists amongst some asian men but also widespread in amongst some white and black men as well. Its a problem of the ideas prevelent in capitalist society and only a united working class liberation movement that unites black, white and Asian working class people can do that.

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