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Submitted by Peter burton on Wed, 25/05/2011 - 21:04

The Tories are shameless.It was the Major Government that Privatised the Railways
doing a botched job that led to several rail disasters , massive operational
difficulties ,increased bureaucracy and rail fares going through the roof.

Sir Bob Reid admitted on Radio at the time that Rail Privatisation was all about dealing with
the power of "organised labour" . First divide it all up , then attack workers' conditions
using self-financing restructuring deals and the anti-union laws that prevent industrial action
between rail companies to do the rest.Rail workers who repeatedly voted no in referendum ballots
to awful deals simply got ground down ,rail bosses repeatedly increasing the level of basic pay
in return for increased productivity until there was a yes vote.Thousands of jobs went out the industry
with the work heaped on to those who remained.Eleven hour shifts,lodging overnight in other cities,
diagrams crammed so that workers got their half-hour legal break and not one minute more ,and extra duties
a mile long.Now they want to save £1 billion a year every year to 2019 at rail workers expense.
It constitutes a second war on rail workers.

Last time round the rail union leaders slept walked into a Hurricane. They made restructuring deals look
better than they were by accepting low pay and overtime working for years.They relied on a New Labour
leader to reverse Privatisation when Blair was making it clear in opposition that he was not going to.
And they recommended restructuring deals that ought to have been opposed in favour of industrial action
for better pay and conditions because this was easier to do from their point of view.

I agree with the Union action plan. Rail union activists should organise mass meetings now around the issues
in this 'report'. Just where does one go from an 11 hour day ?

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