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Submitted by guenter on Wed, 25/05/2011 - 14:04

overthrow of Qaddafi's tyranny and the development of (yes, bourgeois) democratic space in which the first elements of workers' organisation can develop. Re-read Trotsky on Germany in the 20s:

this does simply ignore, that the imperialist USA nowadays is no more a real "bourgeois democracy", but an rightwing non-democracy on the edge of turning pre-fascist, and therefore not those, who would -in libya or iraq- protect developing worker-movemnts &unions, what AWL tries to suggest, ignoring that the reasons 4 imperialist interventions are others than "to bring them democracy". socialists must expose this as the legitimation-lies of imperialism, or they turn counterrevolutionairees. AWL does represent the would-be-left here.

2.: sacha, 3days ago u promised me to post something on the site which i did send u, about this african help seeking woman shot to death by police in an german jobcenter. u didnt. the defending of imperialist interventions and kindly debates with anarchists are, of course, more important 4 the AWL than to inform their readers about all the daily state-terror going on in international "democratic" capitalism.
(iam sure u will have an good excuse).

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