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Submitted by guenter on Wed, 25/05/2011 - 00:41

so what was "won" in india, when the power was shifted from white sahibs to rich brown landlords, who kept the ind. masses in same slavery and poorness than before?
trotzky developed his theory of permanent revolution to show, that in the 20th century no bourgeoisie can lead an democratic revolution/rev. 4 national independence anymore, cause they depend on imperialism with 1000 ties. india is an example who does illustrate his sayings very well, an example which u can hardly use 2show as an succesful bourgeois struggle 4 democracy!
and what was "won" in SA, by mandela doin´the politics of the IMF, with the richest politicians of the world (now black) and the black masses in no better condition than at the time of apartheid?
u always babble class-newtral about "democracy": "bourgeois or socialist democracy", as rosa said. u know that all, dont u?

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