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Submitted by stuartjordan on Mon, 06/06/2011 - 19:49

"you are willing to snub the vast majority of the working class on the basis that they have the temerity to work in ununionised workplaces."
Temerity?! Are you seriously trying to suggest that the majority of working-class people have made positive (left-wing) decisions to work in an ununionised workplace?

I think this debate comes down to a difference of opinion about what is better and what is worse. I think its a step backwards that 6 million workers have left the movement since the 1970s. I think its a step backwards that the left have been witchhunted out of the Labour Party and its now controlled by a neo-liberal clique. You look on all these things and see incredible potential for class struggle - I just see our class losing ground.

One correction: I meant to say "the unions are the most democratic *mass* organisations on the planet." The policies of the unions, even in their current bureaucratic state, reflect the aspirations of our class - peace, equality, freedom, democracy, prosperity etc. I think that's significant.

One question: for me democratic centralism means organising by way of motions, voting, delegate structures, elections, central committees etc. This is how all unions organise (including the old syndicalist unions) and its also how AWL organises (albeit in a much more democratic way). You seem to be suggesting democratic centralism is something else. If so, what?

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