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I'm not Bobi, so I can't speak for their piece, but...
"what is crucial is the growth of workers' class organisation, class consciousness and ability to struggle as part of a class.

In her conclusion, what Bobi effectively counterposes to the notion of a class movement is "direct action [as] a tactic that enables individuals to be at the forefront of their own movement, to make mass decisions in a safe space..." Class and class struggle are blurred out almost completely."
Aye, cos developing people's ability to make mass decisions collectively obvious has nothing to do with developing class consciousness, does it? Try a bit harder next time.
"Supporting localised direct action by groups of workers, as Bobi urges, is far from the be all and end all of developing working-class struggle." Yeah, true. If only Bobi offered some kind of larger strategy, such as wanting "to start a new labour movement from scratch". Make yer minds up: either she has no strategy or she has a flawed one, you can't have it both ways.
"Even members of organised anarchist groups (AFed, SolFed) which define as class-struggle anarchist or anarcho-syndicalist are mostly either hostile to working in the unions or, at best, do not see transforming them as a strategic task. We do."
Been through this, but once again, SolFed say "In a workplace with a recognised TUC union, an SF member would join the union but promote an anarcho-syndicalist strategy." The AF say "we do not argue for people to leave unions until they are made irrelevant by the revolutionary event. The union is a common point of departure for many workers. Rank and file initiatives may strengthen us in the battle for anarchist communism. What's important is that we organise ourselves collectively, arguing for workers to control struggles themselves." I say you're being dishonest.
"Lastly, it is not clear whether Bobi opposes large-scale (national, international), structured organisations like unions as such - implied by her apparent hostility to the whole concept of "representation". In which case, how will we have workers' councils, which involve workers electing... representatives?" Yep, dishonest as fuck. We've been through this before, the last time I exposed your dishonesty. Even just confining the discussion to Bobi's piece, do you think that workers' councils will involve workers electing bureaucrats, paid higher wages than the rest of the workers, and with totally different working conditions from them, who are free to make decisions without consulting those who they represent?
"Politics matters - direct action by whom, organised how and for what goals?" Well done, you've managed to state a banal truism that no anarchist would disagree with. I am stunned. That's the whole anarchist tradition demolished, then.

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