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Submitted by DB on Sun, 17/04/2011 - 14:51

Where is Workers Liberty's analysis of the interests which have driven the bourgeois forces to intervene in Libya? Looking through the articles on this website, it seems they merit no more than a passing mention from most AWL comrades; as if the motivations and strategic considerations of the Western powers in intervening against a dictator in Libya (but not Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi etc.) can be written off in a sentence or two ("of course we have no illusions!") to be included as an afterthought at the end of every piece. Far more important, apparently, is the need to whip up support for this intervention and denounce anyone on the Left who is anything less than 110% behind it.

Sadly the impression given is one of uncritical support not only for military intervention but also for the political imperatives of the US and European ruling classes on this issue. You would think that a properly Third Campist position on the matter, if it included limited support for Western military operations against Gadaffi (where they coincided with the express interests of the Libyan working class), would be coupled with rigorous and unrelenting criticism of the Western powers' real ambitions in Libya, including some consideration of the perils attached to the intervention, the strings that may be attached to such "favours", and the possible political consequences for any post-conflict settlement. You would think a Third Campist position might acknowledge that, even if you cannot oppose an intervention of this nature, nor can you give it wholehearted support on the ruling class's own terms. Sadly I don't think the AWL has pulled this off, and, as is so often the case, it finds itself politically closer to the First Camp than the Third.


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