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Submitted by guenter on Fri, 01/04/2011 - 14:49

sacha, u replied only to 1 of 2 points i made. the other one was, that even conservative politicians and mags in some countries say, that this war does violate the international law/law of nations.
and with the same logic (the logic of AWL) one could have supported the vietnam-war (against an upcoming stalinist dictatorship!) or the interventions in CSSR or hungary. if one says: bomb the dictator away or: stop these counterrevolution- its only a matter of view. i also consider capitalism as a dictatorship . does that mean, that (if there was rev. countries) i wished otzher countries wud bomb "my" country, to free me from the dictatorship of capital? (and who says, capitalism dont kill as much as ghadaffi did? u have thousands of pensioners who die in england, germany or USA in the winter, cause they cant pay the gas anymore. hundreds of poor and jobless does suicide each year, and so on. capitalism kills! concentrate urself on killing capitalism).

btw, it was u, who weeks ago replied me, that an non-fly-zone was not necessaryly the first step to intervention. 2days later, the intervention was there. i was waiting that u come up with to say "sorry, i was wrong". instead u did led clive do the dirty work of explaining full support 4 the intervention, and i didnt see u here sinc then. now u come up with this. iam disapointed from u and iam tired from senseless discussions with those, who seem to support any imperialist action. iam done here.

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