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Submitted by Jason on Thu, 31/03/2011 - 18:55

To Daniel

A couple of weeks ago there was a prospect of Gadaffi falling- rebels were asking desperately for arms and military assistance under their control.

Imperialism for its own reasons didn't give it. Instead they put in place an arms embargo against the rebels. They could have easily diverted seized funds to the rebels; they could have provided arms.

They didn't. The no-fly zone in so much as it prevented immediate prospects of a massacre may have been better than nothing but it is not out of order or inappropriate to raise the demand that it should be the rebels in control of this.

As socialists we can and should raise immediate practical solidarity with the Libyan revolution. Sadly this is very hard to do much- in my personal case it has been limited to a small amount of money given to a Libyan exile I know returning to his homeland to defend Benghazi. But we can also raise wider political demonstrations- do Libyans in Libya see demos here outside the BBC and the Libyan Embassy in support of the libyan revolution- no doubt. Does it help? Not much except morale but what else can we do? Not much- but where there are practical alternatives we should pursue them.

Does it help to raise demands for arming the rebels on demos, against imperialist troops, against imperialist control of the no-fly zone, for arms and training to be given, for strategic control fot he war to be given over to Libyan workers fighting Gadaffi? Again not much directly. But we are offering the very small scraps of solidairty we can. We support you in your fight against a murderous dictator- we are demonstrating our support for you and demanding that arms are supplied.

We are fighting for a bigger working class socialist movement here and a revolutionary current within it, for revolutionary communicsm, for workers ourselves to decide on how society is run through mass organisations, workers' action coucnisl and the like. Is it an immediate prospect? Sadly not. But it is our only option as thinking critical human beings to fight for a sociery based on freedom and equality.

To Barry-

I'm not sure whio you are addressing but I assume it's meant to be me and Dan by the names at the end. But you clearly have not read anything I have written. Gaddafi is murderous dictator so why would anyone accept his lies regarding a cease-fire? Have I ever condemned the rebels for asking for a no-fly zone? No. Faced with immediate threat you'd ak for one too. But that no-fly zone should be under the control of the rebels- if it isn't thye ahve to take what they can. You talk about revoluitonary honour but what use is that to anyone in a life and detah situation? I think you are addressing the wrong person in this debate.

Finally, is it wrong for Libyans to try to organse society themselves in mass meeetings and revolutionary councils? Are thye somehow incapable? No and no. That however should not limit or be a precondiiton for sptit our support.

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