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Submitted by Barry Finger on Thu, 31/03/2011 - 12:30

Dear Workers and Peasants of Libya

It has come to our attention that your country is experiencing a civil war complicated by an imperialist intervention. In our search for an appropriate anti-imperialist candidate on which to lavish our support, we ruled out Colonel Qaddafy. This may, at first blush, seem strange as his regime is actually resisting an imperialist onslaught. But insofar as he has a past history of engagement with Western imperialism and insofar as he runs a police state dripping in blood, he must be judged--in the final analysis--alas, utterly unworthy of our solemn confidences.

By default we must therefore shift our attentions to you, the Libyan rebels. You seem like a mixed bag, but overall you have a commendable program which calls for a democratic transformation of society, with freedom of speech and press; a program which would permit the revival of civil society including the right to freely organize trade unions and political parties. Neither have you, to our knowledge, engaged in massacres, ethnic cleansing or other mass human rights violations. These are all factors in your favor. You are verging on the acceptable.

There is one troubling factor however. It seems that when faced with immanent death at the hands of Qaddafy's army, you called for imperialist intervention in the form of a no fly zone. Of course, it might have been even worse. You might have called not only for air cover but for troops on the ground. To your credit, however, you did not go that far. Had you done so, we would have simply written you off.

Nevertheless, your ongoing near-death experience has, in our opinion, warped your judgment. You don't seem to fully appreciate that if the US carpet bombs Iran in the not too distant future, it will be because you gave them inadvertent cover to do so. You see, the feeble minded masses are unable to make the distinction between your plea for support and the lack of any parallel call in Iran, where regime opponents have repeatedly repudiated such action. The world will be again bamboozled, as it was in Iraq and Afghanistan. They can not understand that there are no humanitarian interventions, that imperialist nations act in their self interest. They cannot connect the dots here, that imperialism is pursuing a two track policy of engaging with the spirit of change in the Maghreb, while encouraging its Saudi client to hold the line against what it perceives to be the threat of Iranian subimperialism in the East. And this lack of understanding on the part of the world's masses, we say with great sadness, must be laid on your doorstep.

And if we refused to call an immediate halt to this intervention or at least change its terms, then we too would would have encouraged the next imperialist war. Our revolutionary honor and reputations are no less at stake here..

So this is what we suggest. Qaddafy has stated his willingness to abide by a cease fire. You should take advantage of this and organize yourselves into revolutionary councils. Rid yourselves of quisling Karzai types, and those ready to conciliate with imperialism. In the meantime, we will exercise our massive influence on the ruling classes demanding that they place their air forces under your control. We will compile a list of what armaments you need and demand they be turned over in due haste to your revolutionary committees. We understand that this would still constitute an imperialist intervention, but one now under workers control.

When this is achieved, we can offer you our complete and unconditional solidarity. Fight on comrades! Our socialist thoughts and atheist prayers are with you.


Jan2 and Chason

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